5 Things to Do When You’re Snowed in With The Kids

Snow Day Activities to Keep the Entire Family Entertained

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Yep, if you’re on the East Coast, you’re just like my family, snowed in! We’ve been to the grocery store and have the essentials but many parents are thinking, “What the heck are we going to do?” The Hubs and I are no different so I had to come up with something quick. While playing on tablets and computers are all good, I just could not see us doing that all weekend. Yeah, I’ll try to binge on a few shows but who am I kidding, I’ll probably only get a solid hour to myself when I “sneak off.”  To make this snowy weekend fun-filled, I came up with some things we like to do on snow days.

  1. We are a house of gamers. From board games to video games to making up a game, we do it all! Some of our favorite games are Pie in the Face, Connect 4, Eye Spy (in the house and car), and the old-fashioned Simon Says (helps with listening skills). This is a great time to also teach kids new games. I’ve tried to teach my daughter all the old hand games I know!!
  2. Find a fairly easy dish to make and let the kids help. When I asked my son what we’d do this weekend, the first thing he said was, “Make a pie!” I’m still not sure what type of pie we’ll be making but whatever I come up with, he’ll be super excited.
  3. Hot Cocoa Challenge. So we do this thing in our house where we have different challenges. The kids love it and we get a kick out of it ourselves. So for this one, we grabbed the basic hot cocoa ingredients but then we turned it up a notch by adding chocolate morsels/bars, caramel, marshmallows or anything else I can find in the cabinets. hot cocoa Each person decides on their “secret” ingredients and we all taste it. There isn’t a real winner but all our faces are lit up with smiles.
  4. Dress Up and Make Believe Play. Halloween is not the only time we pull out the costumes. From Elsa to Captain America, kids love to play make-believe. Allow them to pick out the props and put on a grand show! Add to the magic and make a video.
  5. Go Outside and Play. Duh! You already knew this but I had to mention it! I admit, I don’t see us outside for more than 15-20 minutes at a time but we’ll definitely be out there. The kiddies are already talking about making snowmen and throwing snowballs!

All these ideas are fun and hold promises of lasting memories. Keep Calm, It’s a Snow Day and You’re Stuck in the House with Kids. Ha! Who can keep calm?

Care to share some of the things your family does on snow days? I wanna know!

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