How to Get a Baby Greeting from the President

How to Get a Baby Greeting from the President

When it comes to a Birthday cards, baby greetings and those welcoming your little one to the world, there’s nothing like receiving a mention by a celebrity. I don’t mean just any celebrity, how about a personalized letter from the President of the United States. Regardless of your political preference at any given time, an official letter from the President is definitely a keepsake. We have received Presidential Baby Greetings for my Littles and was all smiles when I opened my mailbox to see the White House envelope addressed to them! So now you want to know how to get this priceless gem for your baby’s scrapbook, here’s what you need to do.

The Requirements

In order to receive a Presidential Baby Greeting, you must request the letter no more than 1 year after the baby’s birth. Meaning, while the baby is sleeping and you’re on maternity leave, get online and fill out the form. Better yet, add it you the baby checklist. You must provide the baby’s actual birth date  so if you pass the 1 year mark, be prepared to get denied.
Disclaimer: Okay, I do know a few people that requested and received the greeting after their baby hit the one year mark so I would still try if you’re a few days late.

Where to Apply

You can request the Baby Greeting directly from the White House website at

When Will the Letter Arrive

The letter will arrive about 2-4 weeks after the request is submitted. Be on the lookout because it will be addressed to your little one.

For more information about all President Greeting Letters (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc), visit the White House website at


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