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The Best Board Games for Kids

Best Board Games for Kids

Games the Entire Family Will Enjoy

One way to cure boredom or on those “stay at home” kind of days is to pull out the board games. We actually have family dates set aside just for Game Night! The kids pick out a game and the parents pick one too, then it’s on. Since we love to share things we do at home, here’s a list of the Best Board Games for Kids that everyone in the family will enjoy. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links 

 Best Board Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Hoot Owl Hoot – All players work together in this game to get the owls back to their nest by sunrise. It’s a great game for little ones but parents can make it more challenging by adding more owls at the start of each game.

The Sneaky Sneaky Squirrel Game – This award-winning game teaches color coordination and strategy. The object is to fill your log with colorful acorns first. Watch out because someone just might steal your food before you know it.

Richard Scarry’s Busy Time: Eye Found it – There’s so many people to see and things to do in the city. This eye spy game will keep the kids searching for objects in every corner of the board.

Shelby’s Snack Shack – Help Shelby find all the bones she’s buried out on the beach. Collect the most bones and win the game. Kids will learn basic math skills like addition and subtraction.

Best Board Games for Kids 5-7

Uno – Still the best card game ever! Why? Because it’s never to early to teach the kiddos how to play. As they get older you can give them the adult rules!

Connect Four – Everyone know this classic game but it’s great for a brain challenge.

Pie Face Game – Whip Cream in your opponents face, ah yeah! But not to fast because just as you laugh at someone, your turn is next! Keep a couple of wet paper towels near by for this one.

Sorry – The game of revenge as some may call it. Share the same board space and you may get sent packing to Home base.

Guess Who – Ask the right questions to your opponent and you’ll find out exactly who they are. Listen closely or you may guess the wrong person.

Operation – Go very slowly and find a good angle so you don’t get shocked and lose your turn! We all know this game very well and it still doesn’t seem to get old.

Soggy Doggy – Wash the dog but don’t let him make a big splash on you. If you do, you’ll be sent back home to start all over again but if you can avoid the splash, you’ll win the game.

Spot it – Ready set, go! Be the first to spot your pictures on another player’s card and you just may win. The game has simple instructions but you have to be quick.

SET – Called the game of visual perception, see if you can make a set by following the rule of making all three cards either all the same or all different. This game can be played by youngsters and grandparents.

Best Board Games for Kids 8 and Up

Tile Lock Scrabble – This is the same classic game without the flying pieces.

HeadBandz – There are a couple of editions of HeadBandz out there but no matter which you choose, they’re all fun! Players place picture cards (blindly) in the headband and try to guess what the card says by only asking yes or no questions!

Bop it – See who can hang the longest. Not sure how good we are because I️ still don’t know how many levels are in this game.

Watch Ya Mouth Throw Down Edition – Have you ever tried to talk with your mouth full? Each player inserts a mouth piece and tries to get others to guess what he/she is saying. Don’t forget to grab extra mouth guards.

Jenga – Get ready for laughter or crying when the pieces come crashing down. We take a different approach and teach the kids strategy moves.

Fibber – We taught our kids not to lie but if they want to make it in this game they’ve got to make up stories as they go. The person with the shortest nose at the end of the game wins.

Pictionary – No expert art skills required. Read the word and draw the picture as best you can so you can take home a win.

Spontaneous Board Game – Right down your trigger words and opponents have to blurt out a song that has that word in it. Try to stump the other players to go home a champion.

5 Second Rule – Can you name 3 yellow foods in 5 seconds? It’s not as easy as you think. Set the timer and watch everyone get stumped as random topics are chosen. Beat the timer and you just might win the game.


So there you have it, our favorite games are out in the open. What are some of your favorites? Did I️ miss any good ones that we should try?

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