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Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream Review

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream Review

Excitement, laughter and cheer is what I heard as the lights went down and the show began for Disney on Ice, Dare to Dream! Now our children had been waiting to attend the show all week-long because they knew Moana and Maui would be there. Leading us into the show as a very energetic cast member and story-teller. Before I knew it, dancers were on the ice hyping up the crowd to Beyonce dance songs! Yes, the skaters were great and Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Mini gave us a few dance moves too!

Dare to Dream was all about the hero inside of each Disney Princesses. We ventured off to France where Belle mistakenly finds true love with the mean Beast. She learns how to help him uncover his softer side with the assistance of the castle staff. I really enjoyed the performances from the cast of Tangled. Remember the scene where Rapuzel and Flynn went to the pub and they all sang about their dreams? Well then you can relive it all over it again. Maximus, Flynn’s horse, made a lengthy appearance which was great! Cinderella reminded us of the courage it takes to make dreams true although others made it hard for her. I liked that her story didn’t linger and we were quickly led to end of the tale where Prince Charming was in search for the mysterious woman who left her shoe!

We all know that the kids cannot get enough of Elsa, Anna and Olaf. They showcased Anna’s bravery to save Arendelle all while trying to show Elsa how much she loved her. After meeting Olaf and going to the ice castle, we jumped straight to the end of the story where Anna saves Elsa’s life where the pyrotechnics were AMAZING!!

Moana and Maui stole the show with the reenactment of the journey to Tefiti. We were totally surprised when Tamatoa performed “Shiny.” The stage was sparking, the disco lights set the scene and his shell was loaded with glass rocks! In my opinion, it was the best part of the show. Oh wait, there’s a boat literally moving around the ice while Moana is stirring and singing! Did I say that Grandma (The Crazy Lady) appeared and performed “Where You Are?” Cue the tears as they pulled on my heart-strings.

This was one of best performances that we’ve seen from Disney on Ice. I think we sang almost every song loud and proud. My most memorable moments would definitely be looking over at my children singing “How Far I’ll Go” and “Your Welcome.” Attending the show reminded of that Disney Magic all over again. Tickets are still on sale for the Baltimore show at Royal Farms Area. Get your tickets now because it one that you don’t want to miss!