Fathers Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts Dads Really Want – From a Dad

These Father’s Day Gifts Are Sure to Please – Trust Me!

(Updated on 6/10/19)

Ok listen up moms, wives, children and anyone who has a father, husband, grandfather or a man in your life whom you feel is important enough to buy a Father’s Day gift for. While you’re wondering about what to buy that special man in your life; let me help you out and give you some pointers on Father’s Day and the gifts fathers want/don’t want. 

First things first; know that we love you guys unconditionally, so whatever you get us we are going to love it…to your face. For the most part, we are not going to be the ones to tell you that we don’t like the neck-tie that you picked up from Target with the Ford and Chevy logos on it. Even the #1 Dad! – coffee mug will find its way into the cupboard next to the other three Dad mugs from the previous Father’s Days and we won’t complain about it. Even if we don’t drink coffee.  Mainly because, for us, it’s not about the gifts: it’s more so, knowing that you guys love and appreciate us. With that being said, who doesn’t love getting gifts? So let’s get into these gift ideas!

1.  If your special man is handy: fixes cars, builds furniture, land-scapes; you know, a real, rugged, manly man’s man kinda man. Consider buying him some sort of tool. Preferably one he doesn’t already have or if he does have it, make sure his is broken and replace it. It shows us that you have taken time to pay attention to the things we like and it’s a good way to get that thing you’ve wanted fixed around the house done. Trust me.

2.  If Adrenaline is your man’s thing: ask about one of the things on his Bucket List and make that happen for him. My favorites: skydiving or bungee jumping. You can easily find a deal on Groupon for both of these.

Fathers Day Gifts_momswithtots

3. If your guy is a connoisseur of fine beverages, you might want to get him his own Micro-brewery kit and let him try his hand at making his own brand: one to five gallons worth. Even if he doesn’t turn out to be the next Sam Adams, it will be a lot of fun…for him. Just remember that someone will have to clean that up.

4.  What about the sports fanatics? I got you covered. Personalized jerseys. Not just a generic jersey with some random color scheme and your guy’s name ironed on the back of it. Not at all! I’m talking authentic NBA, NFL, or NHL jerseys with a number of your choosing with your guy’s name in the authentic font of the real team jersey. He will wear it every time his favorite team is on TV.

5.  Lastly, if your special guy is constantly on the go taking care of the family and being a great father, husband, uncle, grandfather, brother or any of the other roles men play in our lives. The best gift you could EVER give him is nothing. What does that mean? If your guy wakes up on Father’s Day to an empty house, with nowhere he has to go, no projects he has to complete  and a whole day to himself. He will absolutely ADORE you. A chance to relax and do nothing will be better than any gift you could ever buy PLUS it costs you nothing! Trust me, I’m a guy!

Happy Father’s Day to Me!

– The Hubs