Fun, Fun Fun at the Charles County Fair

Visiting the Charles County Fair was so much fun! We went on Friday when admission was free for school aged kids. Although there was a crowd, I must say that it was one of the best fairs that I’ve attended! When first arriving the kids were kicking and screaming because it took a while to find a parking space!! Slowly following a family to their car, we parked and kids stood at the gate jumping up and down and pointing at all the rides they wanted to get on.

Entering into the fair there were all types of vendors including the roller derby girls, a US Navy exhibit featuring a diver in a water tank playing tick-tac-toe with the children, and even a mobile ATM truck from a local credit union! Moving right along to the ticket booth I had my $5 off coupon ready but when it was my turn in line I looked to see that ALL RIDES FOR KIDS WERE 1 TICKET. My first thought, is this Chuck E’ Cheeses? I almost wanted to do a happy dance because of the savings being offered but I kept my cool. We purchased 25 tickets for $20 and to the rides we went!

They had many rides for children of all ages but we were fortunate that none of the lines for little kids rides were long at all. I don’t think we had to wait more than 2 minutes for anything (What a blessing!). I did have the pleasure of riding a few of the kiddie rides while my sweet little girl cried on the sidelines because she was too short. One ride that I can say that I did have a blast on was the dragon roller coaster! My legs were cramped afterward but it was my first coaster ride with my son and I enjoyed him screaming on every hill and dip! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the train ride where the ride attendant allowed 3 teenagers ride. Really?!?

We visited the petting zoo and checked out some of the agriculture. They spent about 15 minutes talking to the sheep alone! Just when we thought it was time to go home there were more rides at the other end of the fair including a small Ferris wheel. We were able to get on all the rides expect for two and ended the day with cotton candy, candy apples and balloon animals.

All in all we have a day full of fun and excitement and looking forward to visiting next year!

-A Mom with Tots