Get Preschool Ready at My Gym of Waldorf's Preschool Prep Class

Get Preschool Ready at My Gym of Waldorf’s Preschool Prep Class

 My Gym of Waldorf Offers Preschool Prep Class  

So you’ve got a little one between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 and you’re looking for a weekly activity to get them ready for school, preschool that is. Although you’re pretty sure they know their ABC’s and can count to 10, you may be thinking, “will my child be social, will they have separation anxiety, will I have separation anxiety?”

Just recently my daughter was invited to attend the newly formed Preschool Prep Class offered by My Gym in Waldorf. Since My Gym is known for fun fitness play and gymnastics, I was looking forward to what the class had in store. I was excited to see that this was a 2 -hour drop off class for the toddlers but I could tell many parents were a little hesitant on leaving in the beginning but after a while, they began to trickle out one by one.IMG_470621525

Like all My Gym classes, the small class (limited spaces) started out with a song where the children had to introduce themselves. With pleasant faces and catchy music, not one child seemed shy. They were taught a few Spanish words and learned how to say numbers and identify the basic colors. One by one, they were each asked a question and each was encouraged to participate. I could see the priceless smiles on their faces as they moved through each of the activity stations. Next, it was on to a timed free play and bathroom breaks. I thought this would be the time where the kids would recognize their parents were gone but I was wrong. After all, when there’s a host of children, trampolines and fixtures to climb, who would look for mommy and daddy? The last part of the class included using fine motor skills. They colored pictures and made a craft to take home. Overall my daughter had a good time and she enjoyed playing and learning with new friends!

If you’re interested in trying out the Preschool Prep Class at My Gym of Waldorf, find out more here. Don’t forget that this is a drop-off class but parents are welcomed to stay (it’s only 2 hours, they’ll be fine). The class is held once a week on Fridays from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm with cost ranging from $25-$30. The class size is limited and spaces fill up quickly.

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