Kid, Stop Whining!!!! What I did when I could take no more

Kid, Stop Whining!!!! What I did when I could take no more

Kid, Stop Whining!!!!
What I Did When I Could Take No More



Yeah, I know crying and whining are just things that kids do but I don’t care, I CAN’T STAND IT! Crying, okay, I can get with that because sometimes they don’t know how to express themselves any other way. But with whining, you can stick a fork in me! I’m just saying, talk like a human being and not like a voice of a sappy cartoon character! Typically I handle whining like a grown up and talk the kids down but today I’d had enough.

We are getting into the car leaving a restaurant and I guess they just got word that the next stop of the evening was going to be home. Driving in two separate vehicles, the battle was on about which parent they wanted to ride with. “I’m riding with mommy! I’m riding with daddy!” each of them yelled. I hoped they would both ride with daddy (heck I could use a break) but they chose me. We locked and loaded them in the car seats and as soon as the doors shut, they had a change of heart and the whining exploded like fireworks on the fourth of July! I didn’t feel like the back and forth so I pulled off. By the time we reached the stop light, I couldn’t take it anymore. Can you image two toddlers in the back seat loudly slurring words when all you want to do is listen to a song on the radio on what you thought would be an easy ride?

I knew that I could not talk them down so I had to try a new trick, act like a fool! Out of nowhere I started to cry (or at least they think I did)! They didn’t really hear me at first because they were so freaking loud so I got louder and more exaggerated (don’t judge me). Finally, they stared to simmer down and then there was silence in the back seat. After about 30 seconds, I heard a chuckle from one of them but I kept it going. Then the other one started to chuckle. The next thing I know, they are cracking up laughing (now that I’m thinking about this, I don’t remember telling them that I was okay). I pulled up to a store, ran inside to get a few things, and went home, all without ANY whining! Man, I guess that really worked.

Tonight is the night that I give myself a pat on the back! Okay, goodnight!


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