Netflix is on XFINITY, How About That

Netflix is on XFINITY, How About That

Cable Just Got a Little Better

And it happened, XFINITY just entered into a new relationship with Netflix and we LOVE IT!!

On weekends our family loves a good movie night or movie day. We have popcorn, grab drinks and let’s not forget the “family” blanket that we share. We took some time last weekend to relax a little and decided to see what we could watch OnDemand and what we found was a shock to my eyes. I clicked on some kid movie and the option came up to view it on Netflix. Yes, Netflix was somehow integrated into my X1 platform and I didn’t get the notice. Anywho, I was given the opportunity to sign in with my Netflix account and I bet you can figure out where we were for the rest of the day (LOL)!

What We Love About It

  • The entire Netflix catalog is now available on the Xfinity X1 platform
  • No more switching between devices to watch our favorite Netflix movies and shows
  • Netflix TV shows and movies are integrated into the current listings
  • If you don’t feel like searching for something in the OnDemand menu, simply launch the Netflix app or say “Netflix” on the voice remote.
  • Don’t worry about your settings or parental controls, it’s still there
  • Don’t have Netflix, you can sign up on X1 and get one month free

What You Need To Know

You may need to order new equipment before you can view the Netflix catalog. Like many families, we have the “big” cable box in our main living space and it has all the latest bells and whistles. In other rooms, we don’t necessarily have that luxury but for us it doesn’t really matter. However, when trying to access the Netflix in those room, we got a message stating that our equipment was out of date. But, we were quickly prompted to order new equipment right there on the screen. We placed the order and the new boxes came within 3

Overall, our family is really happy about this new integration. It’s like that thing you didn’t know you needed until you got it. We’ve seen a surge in our Netflix viewing over the past week or so and I don’t see it slowing down with all of the great Netflix Originals popping up. Xfinity, Netflix, thumbs way up for this one!

Learn more about Xfinity with Netflix now.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored but as always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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