Online Shopping Saved My Life During Home Renovations

Online Shopping Saved My Life During Home Renovations

The Internet Saved My Reno

If you’re following us on Instagram you’d know that we are in Home Renovation Mode! Now, there have been some highs, lows, funny and not so funny moments during this process that I really didn’t anticipate. When we decided to renovate, I know I picked out at least 10 designs for every room in the house! From wall color to accessories, I just knew that shopping was going to be a breeze. I WAS WRONG! At first it was fun to go from store to store and sort of pick things I liked but then it became exhausting. I bet I could probably go about 30 straight days without driving, walking up and down each aisle and only purchasing three items.  So, I am now doing what any logical person would do and that’s taking the shopping spree to the internet.

I have a strategy that I’m hoping will work for each room we plan to renovate and decorate:

  1. Check out Home Depot for deals on fixtures. We need it all, lights, fans, faucets, tile and so much more. They have a really good mosaic tile selection!
  2. Pick one new piece of wall art from that will compliment the wall color. I’m even thinking of creating my own piece using some of my photos to be printed on a canvas. I know, it’s unique 🙂
  3. Head over to Amazon and choose a few light plate covers. I’ll be mother of year when the Arcade Style and Moana light switch cover show up on the door step.
  4. Bed Bath and Beyond is one of my go-to spots for kitchen gadgets but the online store is AMAZING! Who doesn’t want to try an Iced Coffee Maker or an Oven Cooking Mesh Mat? I don’t even know what these things are but they sound fun and I want it!
  5. I know we have a lot of towels, washcloths, etc. but when you’re moving to a new place, you kind of need a little something new right? The kids are getting a bed upgrade and JCPenny seems to never disappoint with classic bedding. I’m sold and will take two of everything!

Yes, I admit it; I am a mall shopper turned internet shopper! Thanks to Groupon Coupons, I get a discount on top of a discount from thousands of stores! With all of my favorite retailers online, I can sit in my bed, scroll to I can’t stand it anymore, click until my cart gets full and smile at the packages that are waiting for us when we arrive home. Here’s to online shopping!

Best online shopping retailers

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