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Date Night Pottery Making at Jimmy Potters Studio

Make Pottery & Chill on Your Next Date Night

As a break during our yearly planning retreat, the Hubs and I visited Jimmy Potters Studio in Fairfax, VA. I totally surprised him in efforts to maybe relive the moment in “Ghost” where the two shared a moment of passion. Just kidding, it was not that type of party but I couldn’t help but to chuckle. Before the class got started we had the chance to take a behind the scenes tour of the studio. We learned about the pottery making process from beginning to end and browsed some of the finished pieces.

We were joined by two other couples, all first timers, excited to make a ball of nothing into a beautiful masterpiece; Or at least something we could actually be proud of. I bet you didn’t know that body position and posture were two of the secret ingredients needed for great pottery making? I didn’t either! Once we got our body aligned just right with the wheel, it was on! Starting out, everyone was good to go, no complaints, very few hands raised and music playing in the background.

Jimmy Potters Studio_Fairfax-Moms-with-tots
Jimmy Potters Studio_Fairfax-Moms-with-tots
Jimmy Potters Studio_Fairfax-Moms-with-tots
Jimmy Potters Studio_Fairfax-Moms-with-tots

It was quite the mood for learning something new with my boo until…. my body repositioned, my hands lost the perfect grip and my masterpiece began to look a bit elementary. Thank goodness we were led by a talented and patient instructor who gave us a pretty smile and words of encouragement when we all struggled to make the perfect shape.  And just like that, I was back on the good foot with my piece! The Hubs never really seemed to need much help at all, he gloated because the instructor would say, “that’s a good job!” No hating on my part because I think my end product was better than his, nevertheless we had a great time. It was in those two hours that we laughed, learned something new, and left with an unforgettable experience. There is one question that still remains, “did we make a bowl or a cup?” I think depending on the day, it will be used as both!

Date Night Classes are offered every Saturday at the studio! Book your session now, trust me, you will not be disappointed!

We are appreciative of our time spent at the Jimmy Potters Studio and excited to announce a Date Night Class giveaway for 1 lucky couple (you must leave a comment for entry)! The Date Night class must be reserved by March 31, 2018 and redeemed by April 31, 2018.

Date Night Giveaway

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