Riley Knows He Can - Children's Book Review

Riley Knows He Can – Children’s Book Review

The Love of a Sibling Helps Riley To Overcome Fear in “Riley Knows He Can”

Love, care and encouragement among siblings are the words that instantly come to mind after reading “Riley Knows He Can” by Davina Hamilton. Back with another children’s book that reminds kids that they can be and do anything they want, the kids enjoyed reading every page. In this story, Riley is making his big debut in an upcoming play and he’s sooooo nervous. He knows all his lines and has the outfit to match but his nerves are getting the best of him.

Instead of talking to his parents about his fears he looks to his big sister Ella for help. Ella exemplifies the characteristics of a dynamite sibling; you know the one that has your back when you need them the most! She gave him the best words of advice, “whenever you feel nervous just say, I can do this I can! “ Her comforting words stuck with Riley and he begins to overcome his nervousness.

When it’s time for the play, Riley and his friends are filled with excitement and feeling more confident than ever before.  As he getting ready for the play, he replays his sister’s message in his head. Before he hits the stage, he says, “I can do this I can.”  And He Does! With cheers and claps from the audience, the play was a huge success! He knows this would not have been possible without the best sister in the world by his side!

Discussion Questions After Reading the Book:

1.) Have you ever been nervous about doing something?

2.) What did you do? Who did you tell?

3.) Discuss 3 characteristics about your child that you admire

4.) BONUS – If they have a sibling, have them to do an activity together to aide in bonding time.

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