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How to Save Money for Summer Camp

I’m sitting here with my head spinning while looking up good summer camps for my kids. Yes, this is the first time both of them will be going to a few camps and the cost is a bit outrageous! From gymnastics, Lego and soccer camp, I wonder how families save when most camps are $100 per week. And if you have more than one kid going, you better hope they have a siblings discount.

Elle over at answered my call when I reached out to her after watching one of her Finance Friday sessions. I simply asked what tips she had for families looking to send their kids to camp and need help both planning and saving for such a huge expense. Although I had a few thoughts of my own, I knew that I was not the only one trying to figure this thing out! If you’re like me and need a few tips on saving up for camp without going broke, let’s talk about it!

How to Save Money for Summer Camp 

  1. Location/Time  – Choosing a day camp instead of an over night camp can save money. Also, a camp closer to where you live can reduce the amount you spend on travel costs.
  2. Themed Camps are priced differently – Check your local universities, high schools, elementary schools, and department of Parks and Recreations for different types of camps that may interest your child.
  3. Look for scholarships – Many camps will have a few need-based scholarship options for some attendees.
  4. Special Needs Camps – Check with your local health provider for camps in your area that are for children living with certain disabilities. Here are a few camps that are nation wide:
    Sickle Cell Camp
    Type 1 Diabetes Camp
    Camps for kids living with Asbergers
    Camps for kids living with Autism
  5. Save extra money – Start saving your left over change in a special bank account or jar specifically for summer camp, those small amounts can add up over time. Start early.
  6. Recycle/Upcycle to save for summer camp – Sell gently used items on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or a Consignment Shop.
  7. Plan your own. Create your own summer camp experience by visiting discounted movies centers, local state parks, free sports clinic, and more.
  8. Register early. Some camps are super discounts for people who sign up early and pay in full.
  9. Write-off some of the costs. Some camps are tax-deductible, check beforehand to confirm.
  10. Get additional support. Let extended family members provide a monetary gift for the cost of the camp. Instead of Christmas or birthday gifts ask friends or family to help pay for summer camp.

Need more tips? Check out 20 Ways to Save Money for Summer Camp and watch the full video below! Catch Elle every week LIVE for Finance Fridays for ways to help us mange our money!

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