Simfler's BabyTime App is Perfect for New Parents

Simfler’s BabyTime App is Perfect for New Parents

I can remember when our first child was born. It was like we totally prepared for him but when we left the hospital, we felt totally unprepared. The “checklist” you’re provided with can make your head spin a few times  or make you feel like taking a nurse home with you for a few days. We were given great instructions on how to track his daily feedings, diaper changes and such so we purchased a notebook to keep up with everything. I searched for apps that we could use but none of them really encompassed everything that I needed. With this, we ended up with 3 different apps and 1 trusty notebook! This was not ideal but it worked.

I was recently introduced to a new free app called BabyTime. Now BabyTime is the perfect app for new parents who, like us, faced the daunting task of tracking our Little One’s every move. It lets parents capture all of baby’s activities, developments, and even contains graphs that show their patterns. Since everyone knows how overprotective new moms can be, the app allows you to add caregivers to your profile so they can view and track baby’s progress too!

Records Baby’s Activities

Feeding: There are 5 mealtime activities to choose from including breastfeeding, formula, baby food, pumped milk and pumping. You can record start and end times,log the overall feeding time, pumping or even the amount pumped by mom or drank by baby. img_0215

Diaper Changes: The first week of a baby’s life involves the unknown inside a diaper but BabyTime helps to track pee, poop or both. Don’t forget to make a note about what you see.

Sleep: Recording day and night sleeping has never been so easy. Simply, log in time and duration and you’re set.img_0226

Bath: I only really remember tracking our baby’s bath times during the first month. However, I think this activity tool is very helpful when you have multiple people caring for the baby.

Discover Baby’s Activity Patterns
Once you can identify your baby’s patterns, you can manage life and schedule the days much better. With a variety of easy to read graphs (name graphs),  you can see when it’s most likely that she’ll go down for a nap, how much milk she drinks, how many diapers she uses each day and so much more.

Always Know How Baby is Growing
Each time we would visit the doctor’s office, I remember having my notepad open and ready to record their new weight, height and head size. Since one of our children was a little on the long size, I just wanted to be sure that we weren’t raising a little giant! If you enter information regularly about baby’s growth, you can use the graphs to easily look and see if she/he is on track just like the doctor can. By default the app measures weight in kg rather than lbs so you’ll have to go into the settings to change it according to your preferences.growthcurve

Keep a Diary of Baby’s Journey
It was important for me to write to our children almost daily during their first year. Sometime it would be in a journal and other times in an email. However, in the app, you can write a story, include pictures and even track baby’s growth all on one screen.img_0219

Baby’s Profile and Adding Caregivers
Setting up the initial profile is very simple and asks general questions including due date and birthday. (Look at guides to why).One thing that did strike me as odd was the question about race. Not sure why it is needed but I’m guessing it’s for statistics. Regardless of the reason, the question is optional. You can add the baby’s name and picture and add caregivers. That’s right, you can add dad, grandma, and the babysitter to the profile so they can keep track of (and add) baby’s activities also. All you have to do is send them a provided invitation code to join, they install the app, add the code, and bam, everyone is connected.

A neat little feature is the baby stickers you can use when using iMessage. They are cute and can make conversations more enjoyable. Just a FYI, you need to install the stickers within iMessage (app store), it is not automatically installed with the BabyTime app.
The stickers are limited but they just came out with a new holiday set. In addition to the mentioned features, I love that you can record a memo or take a picture with each activity logged.imessage2

In my opinion, it is one of the must-have apps for new parents, grandparents and caregivers.  I was very intrigued by BabyTime because it combines the many apps my husband I used when our children were first-born. It’s ease of use, detailed record keeping and options for activities definitely provide parents with all the tools needed to make it through baby’s first year.

To learn more about BabyTime, visit them on the web at . Otherwise, go to the Apple AppStore and download it now!

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This post was sponsored by BabyTime but all opinions are my own. 

About Simfler and BabyTime

BabyTime, an app built by Simfler, generated a loyal user base, and has helped parents ease through the hardships of raising a baby. It’s excellence in technology and potential for growth have been recognized by investors and TIPS (Technology Incubator Program for Startup Korea). Simfler aspires to be innovators in all services relating to parenting and strive to be a family-friendly company that influence not only the parenting market but also the parenting culture itself.