Skip the Junk and Snack Happier

Over 70 snacks for your kids to try!March2015_NutritionMonth

March marks National Nutrition Month! I’m excited because our family is always trying to find the balance between the “good” and the “bad!” Let’s admit it, parents want chips, milkshakes, brownies, cookies, candy and McDonald’s French fries just as much as our children do!

In honor of Nutrition Month, I’ve been working to find better ways to incorporate better food choices. Where we struggle the most? SNACKS!! One kid loves Goldfish and cookies, while the other likes smoothies and oatmeal/granola bars!! Because they are siblings, sometimes we notice that they copy one another’s habits and will refuse a healthy option causing a big problem for at least 5-10 minutes! With all of my rambling about snacks, I’ve talked to other parents that feel the same way or their snack options are repetitive and boring. Well fret not, I’ve gathered tons of healthy snacks for the little ones!

Some of our family favorites:

I love Pinterest and wanted to share some my favorite articles:

Do you have snack ideas that you’d love to share? Comment below!