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Two Kids, A Car and A Beat

The click of the seatbelts lets me know all passengers are locked and loaded, then I crank up the music. Anytime we get into the car, everyone knows that I have one rule when I drive, “The music is for the driver.” Let’s admit it; during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a little music makes everything all better. It was a crazy week for us when we got the chance to test drive the new 2017 Mazda 6. From road tripping to Dover, Delaware to hosting Mother’s Day events, I can probably sing a medley to sum up my experiences.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

The kids were tickled pink to find out that their seats could heat up. Even though they couldn’t feel it through their car seats, they pretended they could. I spotted a button on the console that looked unfamiliar so I pressed it and the steering wheel warmed up. Yes, no more gloves on cold days! And of course the driver and front passenger seats were heated.


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Turn Up the Music and Give Me Some Space

Now if you know anything about Mazda, you know that they mean business when it comes to the sound system. Packed with Bose speakers and the best music playlist any girl could have, I sang my heart out! Mazda still reigns supreme in my book with the CONNECT infotainment system linking us to the outside world with a multifunction touch screen control panel. I liked that I could also navigate using the command controls that sat right beside by leg.

The car was oh so roomy for the kids and I but the Hubs is over 6 feet tall and he didn’t seem to think so. That was until we pulled up to a store and Bruno Mars came on the radio. Our son took off his seatbelt and the dance revolution began. The boy was able to literally stand up behind the driver seat and bust out into full moves. Now if that doesn’t say spacious, I don’t think there’s any convincing I can do.

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Queen of the Highway

We took a trip to Delaware and that’s when I put the Mazda 6 to the test. In true NASCAR fashion, I slid the stick shift over to manual shifting and told my passengers to take cover. This 4 cylinder engine [w/SkyActiv Technology] was not to be played with. There was no stopping me until I downshifted incorrectly and the engine revved up to let me know of my wrong doing! Once I got that under control, it was time to speed off into sport mode and it was SOOOO fun! Responsibly, of course. Hey, I don’t get to drive in a sporty vehicle everyday so I took full advantage.

The H.U.D. or heads up display, kept me out of trouble and safe during our travels because it was EVERYTHING! I know I raved about it in the [Mazda CX-9 Review] but this one is new and improved. Turn on the ignition and the screen pops up on the dash (OMG). Pull up to a corner and the stop sign shows up on the display. Okay, last one, it knows like all of the speed limits on every street (even the backroads), so thankfully, no tickets for me!

Safe and Sound

Our week was full of fun and excitement. It had everything from welcoming a new baby to a Mother’s Day Paint Party (deets coming soon) and everything in between! Even after all of that, the Mazda 6 was able handle all that we threw at it. Best of all, we did it all knowing that we were in one of the safest cars on the road. Here’s to an exciting week and an equally exciting car.

Mazda_6_ Car_Review_Moms_with_Tots_IIHS Top Safety Pick

Starting price for the fully loaded Grand Touring will run you about $30,695. To learn more about the Mazda 6, visit Mazda online.


Disclosure: Moms with Tots had the opportunity to test drive in exchange for a review.  All thoughts, comments and opinions are my own.