Using HealthPlan USA to Supplement Health Care

Using HealthPlan USA to Supplement Health Care

This is How I Used HealthPlan USA to Supplement Health Care and More

Disclosure: I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Now that school’s back in session and things are starting to calm down a little, it’s the right time for me to take care of health needs I’d been neglecting. For me, this would be my vision appointments. I’ve been wearing glasses for years so I tend to forget about my annual visit. Since we just finished breaking the bank unexpectedly with my daughter’s glasses, I was reminded that mama needs to handle her business too. As you probably already know, I have insurance but it’s still not enough to cover everything. I know it’s not supposed to be free but it needs to be very close to it. That’s where I’m hoping HealthPlan USA can help us out.

Here’s the deal, with my current plan I have the option of receiving contacts or eyeglasses each year. That is, one exam for contacts OR an exam for glasses. And either my contacts are covered OR about 75% of my glasses are covered. While I’m not complaining, I’m still coming out-of-pocket with at least $400. So let’s say a day at the eye doctor isn’t necessarily my favorite. Since we just signed for the HealthPlan USA, I was really curious on how much it would actually save us.

I like to get an estimate of the bill BEFORE services are rendered so I called up America’s Eyeware to get a quote. Since I had the receipt from my last visit, I already had idea of what I’d be paying. After getting the representative on the line, she was able to give me the cost of my contacts in no time flat. And guess what? I’ll be saving about 45%!!! YASSSS, 45%!! All I have to do now is send in my prescription via email or fax and make my payment. That’s contacts to my door in about 7-14 days (takes that long at the eye doctor) and a major savings. So now I’ll have both, new glasses and contacts in about 2 weeks and a little change in my pocket.

What can I say? I think we’re gonna to have to really consider keeping our membership to help supplement our insurance. For only $16 a month we can get additional vision, dental, pharmaceuticals discounts, medical advocates, telehealth and 24 hour advice nurses, it’s hard to say no to this plan.

Just last week during the Congressional Black Caucus 48th Annual Legislative Conference, HealthPlan USA was officially launched by founder Asafu Thomas. Being one of the millions of Americans without health insurance  after losing his job toward the end of the great recession in 2011, his experience sparked his interest in the healthcare industry.

Pairing his market research experience with his genuine passion for building businesses to solve socio-economic issues, the HealthPlan USA mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare for underserved populations.

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