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What’s inside that Juice Box?

Does your kid love juice boxes? Mjuice boxine does!

In a recent post by CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, a mother found mold in son’s juice box. She reported that it was black and brown and filled up more than half of the box! Even after she poked a hole in the box and poured the juice in his cup, she didn’t notice anything wrong until he told her that it tasted funny. It is believed that the juice box had a small hole, thereby exposing it to air, which leads to mold.

What can you do to protect your child? OPEN THE BOX OR POUCH!!!! (happy face)

This issue was brought to life some time ago with Capri Sun and they have finally come up with a solution! New packages being sent out this month have a clear bottom so we can SEE INSIDE! This is what the company had to say “We made the change for several reasons. Moms across the country told us they like that Capri Sun juice drinks are made with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, but wanted the ability to see inside the pouch. The clear bottom makes it easy to verify that the Capri Sun kids love contains all the goodness moms expect and nothing they don`t.” The bottom line is that we have to always check packaged goods. I have been a victim to this crime but this article reminds me to be more alert even when they are in my back seat screaming for a snack!!! To lighten up the mood a bit, I must not end without leaving you with a fitting kid’s song.

Juice Box – Preschool Popstars

-A Mom With Tots