15 Preschool Crafts for Fall

15 Preschool Crafts for Fall – Quick, Easy & Fun

I’m not sure about you but I’m ready for Fall! The weather starts to cool down, kids are in school and moms are making everything “pumpkin spice.”  There are so many opportunities for kids to make some amazing and memorable arts and crafts with parents and friends. While I don’t always have time to “create” and come up with my own ideas, I like to keep a running list of activities handy. Through my search, I’ve found 15 preschool crafts for the Fall season that we’re adding to our crafts project list! Better than that, they are super easy to do and materials can be purchased at a very low-cost. I know what happens to craft projects after a few days and the trash cannot have all of my money :).

15 Preschool Crafts for Fall

Fall Preschool Crafts 1

Looking for a great play-date activity? Bring the pumpkin farm indoors with this Pumpkin Patch Mud Pie.

Little scientist can make a pumpkin explode with a Volcano Pumpkin from Parenting Chaos. Say yes to messy kids and lots of laughs.

Caramel Apples are one of my favorite fall delicacies. I spotted this very simple Candy Apple Craft that will have you running to store for the real thing after they finish.

Fall Preschool Crafts 2

I call this one a 2 for 1 special. The first activity involves grabbing a bag/bucket and heading outside to collect leaves. The second part allows the kids to add their own flare to nature’s beauty with a Fall Wreath masterpiece inspired by Mommy’s Bundle.

With pipe cleaners and beads, little ones can get their hands moving and learn to count aloud with this Beaded Pumpkin Craft.

Adding stamps and textures to paper like the Sponge Painted Owl reminds us to throw out the paintbrush!

Fall Preschool Crafts 3

Everyone has a few old CDs/DVDs lying around. Put them to good use by making CD Owl Ornaments that can double as Christmas gifts.

Let them play with nuts, bolts and other stuff from the junk drawer. I fell in love with these cute Junk Drawer Pumpkins from Housing a Forest.

You may be tired of sun catchers but they are a preschooler’s favorite craft. I love the idea of making shapes and adding corresponding colors as the seasons change like this Leaf Sun Catcher.

Fall Preschool Crafts 4

The Stick Leaf Butterfly Nature Craft takes ordinary leaves and turns them in to real piece of art. This activity is fun for both kids and adults.

If you’re looking for some decor ideas, try this Paper Pumpkin Craft.

The Dollar Store never lets us down when we are trying to come up with a cheap thrill. Thank you to the creator of the Dollar Store Fall Owl for $5 well spent!
Fall Preschool Crafts 5

This Fall Leaves Craft is a great activity to couple with a book like “Why Do Leaves Change Colors?” to teach kids about the beauty of Fall.

Have the kids dress up a pumpkin with yarn and accessories instead of paint. Who knows, you just might add it as a table centerpiece.

Make a friendly Scarecrow Craft using popsicle sticks and markers. Bonus: Glue the scarecrow to fall themed scrapbook paper to make it more decorative.

Our children create at least one craft each week and the joy on their faces when the work is complete is overwhelming. “Mommy Mommy, look what I made” is what I tend to hear. Even when I’m not sure exactly what it is, I share in their excitement and hang it on the fridge! Like I said before, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on crafts. As long as you keep a hot glue gun, scissors and paper close by, you’re more than half way there! Now tell me what crafts your Little Ones will be creating this fall.