Meet Shelly

I’m Shelly and not “just” the creator of Moms with Tots. I am the wife of a design genius, the mother of charismatic son and a shy but sassy daughter. Together we make the phenomenal foursome you’ll see throughout the site. Entertainment and being on-the-go has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, so I wasn’t going stop when the children came along. It is not uncommon to see me, with or without the family, at a comedy show, food crawling, hosting social events or at a music concert. But when I want a break from it all, you can catch playing a board game, baking or cuddled up for movie night.

About Moms With Tots

Before the birth of Moms with Tots, like many parents, I had a tough time trying to figure out what types of things we could do, what resources existed for my children and the list goes on.  Going out and about with our two, we begin to meet parents and exchanged this sort of information. With many friends and families having children all around me, I began to it my business to give them the 411 on all happenings for the little ones.

Then Moms with Tots was born! This blog is a hub for activities, events and resources for families with young children. I feature local handpicked events, activities, and resources in the Maryland area and beyond. We’ll talk together on a variety of topics from parenting to travel and share experiences through reviews, opinions and outlandish things our children do! From time to time you’ll I’ll be inviting you to some of Moms with Tots’ community events!

Thanks for visiting and please do subscribe and connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Or if you want to send me a note, reach out at [email protected].