6 Netflix Shows Kids Will Love

6 Netflix Shows Kids Will Love

Our kids have been on a Netflix kick lately and with all the shows and movies available, I’m not sure how they choose which ones they’ll commit to. During our many sick days this season, we binged on a few Netflix shows that really got us hooked.

Dreamworks Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh 

Do you remember the movie Home?  This animated series is a continuation of the children’s comedy and now these strange creatures live on Earth with the humans.  While both sides are tying to understand one another, Tip and Oh can’t seem to stay out of trouble as they take on a number of funny and crazy adventures.

Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge

Now in Season 4, DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge is action packed spin-off of the movie How to Train your Dragon. Secrets are revealed, new dragons emerge from all around the world and new characters are introduced along Toothless. The Dragon Hunters are on a mission to protect their land and save the beloved dragons.

Sid the Science Kid

Sid is the most upbeat, hippest, smartest little scientist on television. Got questions about science? Together with his teacher and friends, they find answers to problems with experiments, class discussions and catchy songs.


Geared toward older kids, TrollHunters is about a teenager (Jim) who finds an amulet. He learns it was more than a rare find and uncovers its mystery and magic. Not to mention a world of civilization that lives beneath this town. Jim goes on to be a fighter and defender and has to face villains during each episode. 

Ask the Storybots

Even two-year olds have questions about the world around them. Answering questions like “How are objects moving on the TV” or Why does night happen,” the Storybots fuel the minds toddlers and make these complex questions easy to understand.

Mother Goose Club

You may give this show the side eye when you hit play but don’t give up to soon. The Mother  just about every nursery rhyme known to man. This show will have your kids singing and clapping for a long time.

What Nextflix Shows are your kids watching?

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