Jaime Loves Her Hair

Teaching Girls About the Beauty of Natural Hair

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair: Book Review

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair is a new African American children’s picture book by Adriane Roberts that’s enjoyable for all young readers, especially your little girls. This book shows the beauty of natural hair, how it’s unique and so much different from others. It’s a rhyming book with colorful illustrations, words and concepts easy enough for early readers to grasp. Good for Ages: 4 – 7.

What’s It All About 

This book is dedicated to all the girls who once doubted the beauty of their curls.

Jamie is excited about her beautiful hair and loves it! Very early on she learns that her hair is different from others but she doesn’t seem to mind it at all. She notices that her favorite dolls, TV shows and books feature girls that don’t necessarily look like her either. While she has friends from all backgrounds, they all seem so fasinated by her big hair styles. Because Jamie has so much hair, she enjoys all the ways her mom can style her hair. Some of her favorites are the cotton candy poofy look, quick and easy styles, braids with beads and flowy hair that blows in the wind like my daughter.

The book spoke to my family directly because I have natural hair and so does my daughter. I understand the pressures from society to make hair straight and neat but all hair is not created equal and that’s great! Jamie is a very confident girl and the book was a good visual to show and teach girls of color about being comfortable in their skin.

Family Discussion Questions

  • How does your little girl/boy view her hair?
  • What types of hair styles do you like? Show your kids pictures of different hair styles and let them pick out the ones they like.
  • What do friends and family say about her hair, if anything at all?

Family Rating

4.5 out of 5

Remind your little girls that they are beautiful in and out. Each person is unique and no matter what anyone says, you were made perfect by God! What are you waiting on? Get your copy of Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair now!