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DIY Valentines Day Card Boxes

DIY Valentines Day Card Boxes

There are some projects that we look forward to doing every year and the Valentines Day Card Box is one of them. It’s not about all of the lovey-dovey stuff, candy or hugs and kiss, rather it’s about showcasing a creative box to share with their classmates. Don’t get me wrong, they do appreciate the cool knick knacks they collect, especially if they’re sweet!

Over the years, we’ve really come up with some card holder boxes that really challenged our thinking and artistic abilities. A regular shoebox card holder is just a thing of past in our home and this time around it will be no different. We’re working on our secret designs now and I’ll be sure to share later this week!

Here are some of our past DIY Valentines Day Card Boxes for you to try. If you have any questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Valentines Day Card Boxes - Moms with Tots


Materials – Cardboard box, yellow acrylic paint (2-3 coats), black paper (for eyes), hot glue (gun), and scissors.


Materials – Letter Stickers, basketball stickers, orange Nike shoebox, small piece of foam or jello box for the backboard, white paper (to cover foam or jello box), black marker.


Materials – Box, black paper or card stock, a print out of your child’s favorite app, and pipe cleaners (chenille stems) for the ear phones.


We made a video for the Peppa Pig House Card Holder. It’s a walk through of everything we did!

Materials – Cereal box, pipe cleaners (2-4), foam sheets (orange, white and green) markers, printout of Peppa Pig’s family, hot glue (gun).

Although these projects may seem a little tough do, they aren’t. I will have to admit that it took a good 2 hours of dedicated time for a couple of them only because we had to figure out exactly how we wanted them to look and to make sure we followed the vision that our kids set for the projects. I hope I’ve given you the itch to try something new this year for Valentines Day. If so, let me know what you’re making!

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