Having a Flipping Good Time at The Little Gym

Having a Flipping Good Time at The Little GymIMG_9068

Our kids had the pleasure of taking a class at the “The Little Gym of Alexandria” (Huntley Meadows)! This was our first time visiting and we all were anticipating the experience! When we arrived, it was very hard to find a parking spot. Actually, there was only 1 spot left and I got it!! With donuts in hand, we were welcomed by Ronnie with a big but pleasant “Welcome to The Little Gym!”  We were about 5 minutes late but it seemed as if we didn’t miss much. My almost three-year old threw her shoes off into the cubby area and stood at the door waiting for a cue to walk in. After entering into the glass door, she was off!

The Gym: The gym area is very large, one of the largest that I’ve seen. The viewing area spans across the entire gym and is set up with chairs along the wall, so that parents and children can see each other during the session. This was awesome because every now and again, she’d check to see if I was watching. There is a water fountain inside the gym area, but you cannot see that side from the viewing area unless you go into the party room. It’s not a big deal, but it would’ve been nice to see them on that end.

The Class: The kids were broken up into two groups and activities were centered around 3 stations during the sessions to allow them the chance to explore the room. The stations included standard gym equipment; including high and low bars, balance beans, wedges for flipping, and tons of mats used within the obstacles. It was definitely a bit of a shock to see my 2-year-old complete several front flips with no assistance (where have I been all of this time?).  The same equipment was used for the 3 yr old classes and the 4-6yr old class. However, the older kids were challenged with tiered mats, various holds on the high bar and more difficult obstacles. Bouncing balls of all sizes were introduced toward the end of the sessions, and if you know anything about kids, you know that they ALL love balls! Fortunately, there were enough balls for everyone, so there was no crying or fighting! While the kids were playing with the balls, I loved that one of the two instructors came out for about 1 minute to explain the theme of the day and described the activities.

The Instructors: The instructors, Britney and Bianca were really great! There were some kids that kind of wandered off (in the room), but they were reeled back in without any fuss. When it came to the actual activities, the instructors worked with each child at their own pace. I know it’s tough trying to keep the attention of young children but the staff went above and beyond with bright smiles and fun songs to keep them engaged. Because my kids are young, it was nice to see them singing songs, being attentive and really focusing on each activity without my interaction.

Waiting Area: I can’t neglect to mention the massive amount of LEGO’s this place has! Since my kids attended two different classes, the waiting kid was able to play with the LEGO’s. With everything from trains to cupcakes, my children played quietly for an entire hour. This was a huge plus for me, since I didn’t have to entertain either of them during the wait.

Party Room: The party room was a really good size and would fit up to 20 children comfortably. The Little Gym has a partnership with Nickelodeon, making parties extra fun with character themes but a party costs about $290 and only includes drinks whereas other places provide additional food.

We loved the experience with “The Little Gym”!  I would recommend them to any family looking for an exciting physical fitness program for children up to 12 yrs old!  I also loved that the kids felt super comfortable with the instructors and the activities were very much age appropriate.

The class cost is comparable to other programs for children at about $80-$90 a month. Did I mention that gymnastics and Kindermusik classes are also offered? Try out a free class and sign up for Fall Enrollment now!


Try out TheLittle Gym, We Did!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but thoughts and opinions are that of Moms with Tots.