Are you a “Super Bowl Baby?”

If You Were Born in October or November, You Just Might Be a Super Bowl Baby

Super Bowl Baby Stats

Source: NFL

Let’s give it up for the “Super Bowl Babies Choir” lead by Seal during Super Bowl 50! I was totally not expecting this commercial but it was one of my favorites! Yes, the puppy, monkey, baby was quite interesting, but the Super Bowl Babies rocked!! The commercial is apart of the NFL’s “Football is Family” campaign.

“We wanted to do something that stuck with the theme that also captured the excitement of the game,” NFL chief marketing officer Dawn Hudson said. “Since it was Super Bowl 50, we also charged our ad firm  to help us look back a little bit while having an optimistic look forward to the future.”

In the commercial we learn that there is a rise of baby births 9 months after a championship win in, or nearby, cities of the winning team! That really doesn’t surprise me since many folks party, drink and just plain have “fun” after a huge win! Regardless of it’s really true or not, it got my attention! Through casting calls of about eight teams, potential Super Bowl offspring from ages 1 to 49 were featured in the NFL ad. It was so freaking adorable to see the little ones attempting  to sing “Kissed by a Rose!”

After the commercial sank in, I had to stop myself and ask if I was a Super Bowl baby! We always joke about babies being born during snow storms and New Years Eve, but after the Super Bowl, yep I can see that! Anywho, congrats to the Denver Broncos and to all the fans, here’s a message from us!

Just in case you missed the Super Bowl Babies song, see it here!