Black Love Defined on So Many Levels in The Photograph

I’ve seen more than my fair share of movies. Emphasis on MORE: I’m a bit of a movie buff. I don’t particularly have a favorite movie genre other than good. I can name a movie that I love from every genre: I’m pretty sure. With that being said, as far as love stories go, the list isn’t very long for me. But right at the top of the list: Wall-E, Love and Basketball and now The Photograph. Side note: if you laughed at Wall-E being at the top of my list of love stories, you don’t know good movies. 

Back to business. Ever-so-often does a movie come around and is an instant classic. That list is very short, but I am more than confident that The Photograph has what it takes to make the cut. The Photograph takes an approach to romance that is almost unheard of in African American movies. By staying away from the stereotypical issues that plague movies of color: baby-mama drama, disgruntle exes, infidelity and lack of trust to name a few, this movie had ample space for the characters to develop a “true love” type of relationship. A relationship that isn’t given enough screen time in movies with a predominantly black cast if you ask me. The Black Panther came relatively close with the relationship between King T’Challa and Nakia. If it weren’t for all the “superhero-ness” they might have accomplished it. But, where Marvel failed, The Photograph succeeded with flying colors! Mike and Mae, played by LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae, are exceptional on screen together to say the least. Their chemistry as love interests is intense, you’re almost out of breath by the end of the movie watching them interact. CRAZY GOOD!!

The Photograph focuses on the things we don’t say that cause us to miss opportunities and subsequently live a life of regret. It’s a concept that we can all relate to, not saying how we truly feel in a particular moment. A moment that we may never have the chance to fix. A moment that could’ve changed the course of our lives for the better. Especially if that moment involves a loved one or a lover. Someone whom you would willingly travel the unknown vast expanse of space itself just to share one intimate moment with them. Like Wall-E did!!!

Bottom line, The Photograph is a well written, exceptionally acted and perfectly casted love story with an amazing soundtrack that more than deserves one hour and 46 minutes of your life. I dare say, if you believe in love, The Photograph is the refreshing boost you’ve been waiting for and will leave you wanting to love harder than you ever have before. It’s amazing.

After seeing The Photograph the first time last week, I sat down with Elle from Cleverly Changing and Dr. Lisa Leslie to chat about the film.

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