A Family of Thrill Seekers

A Family of Thrill Seekers

Raising Up Family of Thrill Seekers

Since I can remember, I’ve always been intrigued by thrill rides. The adrenaline rush, butterflies in my stomach and getting amped right when I step to the gate has led me to be the theme park enthusiast I am today. It was almost a requirement that I would meet and marry a man willing to take the word “thrill seekers” to the next level. We both knew that once our kids were of age, we’d introduce them to a world of thrills like they’d never imagined.

Taking our kids to Kings Dominion for the first time was the start of something beautiful. Excitement, laughter and bugging us to ride on the roller coasters multiple times let us know that they shared the same love that we did for thrills, heck it’s in their blood! This year our kids hit a new milestone and got a little taller. So you know what that means, we can get on MORE rides together! Bigger rides and bigger thrills!!

Planet Snoopy is the place to be for young kids and where we hung out the most. Filled with tons of family rides and less crowded lines, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With the new milestone and the expansion of Planet Snoopy, we decided to rate the “Thrill Factor” of each ride and share our favorites.

  1. Kite Eating Tree (New for 2017) –A much lighter version of the Drop Tower, this rides drops kids in a jumping, vertical descent as they try to grab Charlie’s kite out of the tree. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 10
  2. Peanuts 500 (New for 2017) – This circular speedway lets kids race like they’re in the big league.  Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 6
  3. Flying Ace – Be the pilot on a high-flying adventure with Snoopy.  Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 65 (yes off the charts) 
  4. Woodstock Express – Our favorite high-speed wooden roller coaster perfect for the entire family. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 10
  5. Boo Blasters on Boo Hill– Interactive dark ride experience where you defeat Boocifer and zap ghosts away. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 10
  6. Woodstock Whirlybirds –Expect to be dizzy after you go around and around. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 6
  7. Great Pumpkin Coaster – Great beginner coaster with dips, turns and twist. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 7
  8. Avalanche – Bobsled coaster with twist and turns. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 9
  9. Shenandoah Lumber Company – A splash-filled water adventure for guests of all ages as they float through an excursion in the wilderness with a splashdown ending. Moms with Tots Thrill Factor: 10

A day at a theme park never gets old for a family of thrill seekers. You would think the kids would be knocked out in the backseat of the car as soon as we pulled off, but nope! They talked to us nonstop about all the fun we had and then fell asleep just 20 minutes before we arrived home! And to think, next year they’ll be a little taller and we’ll be able to embark on new adventures at the park!

Little thrill seekers and their families can enjoy Kings Dominion all summer and get FREE season passes for the kids. The Pre-K Pass is now FREE and available to kids ages 3-5. Don’t delay on this FREEBIE because all passes must be redeemed by April 30, 2017.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cedar Fair in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand. We know about thrills so all thoughts and opinions are my own.