The Unplanned Drive Around Orlando in the Kia Sedona

The Unplanned Drive Around Orlando in the Kia Sedona

 Kids + Orlando + No Plans = Pure FUN!

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Have you ever heard the saying, the No-Plan Plan? I hear it in my home quite often. This is how the Hubs would prefer to live life; spur of the moment, in the now…blah, blah, blah. I, on the other hand, am a planner and I just cringe at the thought of doing anything without some sort of idea of what we’re doing. I like to make sure that we can maximize our trips wherever possible. When going on vacation, I pack an extra outfit for everyone, look for restaurants in the nearby areas we’ll be visiting and I even make reservations  at said restaurants all before we leave our home. The Hubs and the Littles often try to throw a wrench in my plans and go off course, but in the end, I win.

But on our most recent trip to Orlando, I gave in to the madness and only planned a few things. We wanted to go to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and a few other “touristy” spots. This time I kept our plans loose, because our kids are young and you never know what they’ll be in the mood to do. I wasn’t in love with the idea of not planning it all out but the Hubs assured me we would have fun anyway. However, the one thing I was sure to book way in advance was a car. Since we brought along grandparents and siblings, I knew it would have to be something nice and spacious with plenty of room, yep, a mini-van would do. We were elated to find out that my friends over at Kia Motors were going to provide us with a 2016 Kia Sedona for the week. At this point I thought, “I don’t care where we go as long as we are comfortable,” so I couldn’t wait to test drive it.

After a severely delayed flight, we arrived in Orlando around 10 o’clock at night and excitement kind of dwindled. Pulling up to our new ride, the kids got a jolt of energy and the questions about food started. The Kia Sedona’s top of the line navigation system and large screen made short work of getting us to the resort, Walmart and a Waffle House safely. The on-screen directions made it easy for tired eyes to follow the way. With all the space and the super-comfortable seats, the Sedona even managed to silence the Littles and their “Are we there yets?” Since our flight was delayed, it seemed like we sucked the life out of our phones and all needed a boost. While fidgeting around in the van, we found that the Kia Sedona had more than well-connected. I know we must have plugged in some device every single time we got inside.

Although the plan was to go to Animal Kingdom, the Littles and the Hubs WENT OFF COURSE and chose to explore Universal Studios instead. Unlike many other places we visited, we had to park in a garage. I don’t drive a mini-van usually, so I was not too excited about parking the Sedona in a garage spot but Kia had me covered. With cameras on the sides, front and rear you could literally see around the entire vehicle. We even made a game of seeing how close to absolute center of the parking spot we could get. It was that easy. Since I wasn’t lucky enough to be a back-seat passenger, I made it known that I was a little jealous of the second row reclining Captain’s chairs with built-in foot rests. I could have used the extra love after long days of amusement park fun. We continued with the no-plan venturing out to various entertainment spots and checking out all the cool features of the Sedona including the two sun roofs, two sliding passenger doors, 12 cup holders (yes 12!), the cooling glove box and the Tri-zone Automatic Climate Control System. I don’t think we could have traveled around with anything better!

As we ended our trip and I reminisced on all the fun we’d had, I thought about trying the no-plan plan again….NOPE, I just can’t do it! The next trip is in the works and EVERYTHING will be planned!

Disclosure: Moms with Tots was provided a vehicle during our trip, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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