Say Good Bye to Mosquitos & Ticks this Summer

Say Good Bye to Mosquitos & Ticks this Summer

Mosquito Joe Makes the Outdoors Fun Again

I don’t hate bugs but I don’t prefer them either. I mean I understand the circle of life for all animals and insects but sometimes they give me the creeps! Imagine sitting on the soccer field in your chair and something crawls down your arm, ahhhhhhh! That’s happened to me and I’m sure I was one jump away from a viral YouTube video! Trust me, I’m not a stranger to the outdoors but if I could put a bubble around me, I probably would. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come in from the outdoors to look down at my arms and legs only to find that I have 5 new bumps sticking out because a mosquito decided to taste my sweet blood. I CAN NOT STAND MOSQUITOS! They are sneaky and leave a treat behind that nearly makes you scratch your freaking skin off. Not to mention that a small bump turns into huge one if you touch it too much!!

We’re definitely going to be outside this summer and we need to make sure we keep the bugs far far away. We were recently introduced to Mosquito Joe, trained mosquito control experts who get rid of pesky mosquitos. Yes, you heard it right, pest control for your yard! They take the worry away with a number of services that best fit your needs like barrier spray treatment, all natural treatment, tick control (great if you have pets) and even spraying right before your special event.

There’s a special promotion going on right now so it’s super affordable. For just $39.99, the first treatment will be done lickedy split! Refer a friend and the two of you will get $25 off toward a future service. Both of these deals sound good to me and with all the time we plan on spending outside this summer, this expense will be well worth it!

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Don’t be the family with the red itchy arms this summer. Making a small investment in a home mosquito spray makes for bug free outdoor fun! Learn more about Mosquito Joe and the specific service areas in Charles County, Prince George’s County and St. Mary’s County, visit or head over to the Facebook page.

mosquito joe of southern maryland