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5 Shows Your Family Should Be Watching During Black History Month

5 Shows Your Family Should Be Watching During Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! We take pride in learning about Black men and woman who are not talked about or those lesser known to the public. We are excited to share 5 Shows Your Family Should Be Watching During Black History Month. Trust me, most of these TV specials are good for families to view and you will learn something that you’ve never known before. It will have you thinking, “why didn’t anyone tell me about this person?” Although many people in the Black community are underrepresented for the contributions to American History, we applaud those hoping to bring these untold stories to the main screen.

Kevin Heart’s Guide to Black History-  This short one hour film teaches us about the untold stories of black history. Kevin Hart gives his daughter a one-on-one talk about Black pioneers after her frustration of watching 12 Years a Slave. He shares with her number of stories and highlights the accomplishments of Black in a fun and entertaining way. 

The Green Book: Guide to Freedom –  This documentary highlights the The Negro Motorist Green Book published by Victor Green. This survival guide was created and used as a safe passage manual for Blacks as they traveled across America. The book provided information about gas stations, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and more that were safe for Blacks to use on their journeys. The documentary gives us great insight on travel during a time both during and after segregation and opens our eyes to see how Blacks truly lived. It airs on the Smithsonian Channel on Feb 25.

American Soul (adults only!) – This night club drama and black music TV series reminds us of a time when Black people stood in front of their TV screens to dance and sing along with the hottest music artist and dancers. It’s SOOOUULLL Train and here we learn about the show’s ups and downs and life behind the scenes with the legendary host, Don Cornelius. 

Lego Marvel Black Panther – Yes, Lego Marvel has done it again! This fun and exciting 30 minute film reunites Black Panther and the Avengers for a battle against Thanos. Killmonger and Claw in Wakanda. Although it’s not the Black Panther movie, it is quite entertaining and the kids will get a kick out of it. 

Motown MagicIn Motown magic Ben uses his imagination and magical paintbrush to bring his colorful street art to life. This show is based on Detroit’s classic-era soul music. Iconic songs by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and more are featured on this show to bring the story line together. Not to mention, your kids will be singing the Motown classics for at least the next month. 


Are there any shows or Black History films/shows we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!