The Lion King was Captivating! Spoiler Free Review

The Lion King was Captivating! Spoiler Free Review

You Will Feel the Love in the new Lion King Movie: Spoiler Free Review


I remember the first time I saw the Lion King. I was 10. Movie theaters didn’t have fancy seats and you could lose your shoes because the floors were so sticky. The one thing that has not changed from then til now is my excitement of each movie on the big screen.

I was completely captivated, from opening sequence to closing credits. You know a movie is gonna be awesome when Sir Elton John is singing the intro!!! My 10 year old self had no idea who Elton John was; he didn’t know any better, I forgive him(me). The movie took me on a rollercoaster and I loved it. I had never experienced an animated film with such an emotional impact before. When the movie ended, I was hoping and wishing that it would keep going.

25 years later, as an adult, I remember those feelings I had as a 10 year old watching the Lion King for the first time. And I found myself, secretly of course, hoping and wishing to relive those moments in the new release. Disney DID NOT disappoint!! I sang EVERY song (sorry to the lady sitting next to me). I remembered 90% of the dialogue: there is some new dialogue in the movie just to freshen things up a bit. The animation and rendering are incredible. Some scenes I couldn’t tell if it was real or not.

I almost felt like I was seeing it for the first time again! I strongly suggest you take the Littles to go see the remake of the Lion King. There is something for everyone to enjoy, especially the 10 year old you!!