Things I Would Love to Do With My Kids This Weekend

Things I Would Love to Do With My Kids This Weekend

Things I Would Love To Do With My Kids This Weekend

The weather is changing, the entire family is catching some new cough or sneeze every few days and this weekend’s events are a little slim. I’ve found a few outings I would recommend for the weekend but I wanted to do something a little different and talk about fun things I would do with my little ones if we didn’t already have plans! Here we go…..

Go see the Peanuts Movie (again)
So we had the opportunity to see Peanuts in 3D and the kids LOVED it! The trailers were awesome to include Alvin and the Chipmunks, Norm of the North, The Good Dinosaur and Kung Fu Panda 3!

Start Thinking about Thanksgiving and Create a Thanksgiving Craft
Check out my Tots and Holidays Pintrest Board to get some ideas. We just made a mummy turkey using a turkey cutout and toilet paper, needless to say, it was a fun family project!

Rent or Buy Disneys’s “Inside Out” or Dreamworks “Home” for a Watch Party
These two movies are two of the best family animated films that we’ve seen in a while. I think I was more excited than the kids for the DVD release! Check out this Inside Out Party  created by my friend Misty over at Frosted Events!

Visit the Local Library and Check-out some new Books
If you’ve been following my Instagram and Twitter Page, you’d notice that I’ve been sharing the books we’ve been reading. We are Raising Readers and always looking for new books to explore!

Go to Chuck E Cheese’s Early in the Morning and Try Out the New Games
Weekends can be a bit much at Chuck E Cheese’s but if you go when they first open you can avoid the rush and enjoy the many new games they have! I shared my new favorite game for preschoolers on my Instagram page.

Stay Home and Do Nothing
Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing during the weekend. Some of our best weekends happen when we pop in a few movies, kickback and eat whatever’s in the house!

Just in case you didn’t like my ideas, see my picks for Local Events!

Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events!

Pirates at the Pool – Waldorf
Donald M. Wade Aquatic Center
Friday, November 13; 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $15-20

via Apogee Photo Magazine
Arrggh matey, you won’t want to miss the fun we are going to have at this party. Come dressed as a pirate for an evening filled with fun and excitement! Bring a bathing suit under your costume. All participants must be accompanied by an adult.

Meet the Critterscritteres
Petco (various Petco locations)
01:00PM – 03:00PM
Bring your kids and Meet the Critters. Discover scales, tails and a whole lot of fun during this free event dedicated to exploring the wonderful world of small pets. *Not available at all stores. Please contact your local Petco for details.

Open Barn at the Greenwell – Hollywood –FREE
Greenwell State Park
Saturday, November 14; 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Meet a horse, watch a riding lesson, explore the new sensory trail and learn more about our equestrian programs. The new sensory riding trail is now open and is available to riders in our equestrian and camp programs as well as to the wider community.

Makerspace Open House – Hollywood- FREE
Sunday, November 15th; 11 am – 5:00pm
Fall Open House and 2-Year Anniversary! Learn more about our PaxSpace adult and kids program, see 3D printers in action and catch on-going PaxSpace demonstrations.