Every Toy Has Its Day - Toy Story 4 Review (Spoiler Free)

Every Toy Has Its Day – Toy Story 4 Review (Spoiler Free)

Every Toy Has Its Day – Toy Story 4 Review

TOY STORY 4 IS AMAZEBALLS!! Whew! I had been holding that in since I saw the premier yesterday. There was absolutely no disappointment or letdowns what-so-ever. With that being said, let’s get into it. Forewarning: there are NO SPOILERS in this review. I, personally, hate it when people drop spoilers about movies I want to see. It takes away from the “magic” of going on the emotional journey with the characters in the film. That’s the PG version of how I feel about spoilers!

First, Toy Story 4 stands and delivers right on par with the other three films in this series. Just as in the other movies, Pixar and Disney find a way to draw you into an emotional connection with the characters on such a deep level. ALL THE FEELS! You almost feel like you have something to lose when a character is in danger. Like the incinerator scene at the end of Toy Story 3 when Woody, Buzz and the crew were ready to accept their fiery fates and out of nowhere, in an angelic swoosh comes THE CLAAAAAWWWW!!! Yeah, just like that. I get winded typing about it. Toy Story 4 is full of those moments that almost force you to place yourself in the character’s shoes as they make life changing decisions. I found myself questioning my own life goals and aspirations by the end of this movie. This is for children?!?!? 

With a handful of new toys like “Forky”, some more broken than others, that you can relate to in multiple ways; this film is magical. From the character introductions and re-introductions alone, you will find yourself not-so-quietly cheering and gasping in surprise and adoration. Pixar and Disney seemed to have held nothing back in this animated film: action, drama, comedy, thought provoking moments, and everything else are represented. And it is all presented very well! 

Pack the family into the car and head to the nearest theater on June 21st to give your eyes and heart a treat! Occasionally through out the movie you will have to remind yourself “it’s just a movie.” That’s my only advice. Otherwise, you may unsuspectingly find yourself overcome with emotions and tearing up…a little! 

Happy viewing!!