Are Fidget Spinners the New Babysitter?

Are Fidget Spinners the New Babysitter?

5 Things to Know About Fidget Spinners

Now, I’m not typically the one who rushes to the store to buy the latest and greatest new toy that hits the scene (unless it’s Nintendo related) but this fidget spinner thing has got a hold of me. Let me start by saying that I did not buy this ridiculous toy for my kiddos, rather it was a gift that made me give the offender the side-eye. But after getting my hands on one, I didn’t think this toy was that bad after all and here’s why..

They are the Ultimate Babysitter

I watched my kids play with the toy for an hour straight without any fighting. Instead they laughed, made silly jokes and didn’t bother me one bit. Or better yet, I didn’t have to bother them!

They Teach Friendly Competition

We are a competitive family when it comes to games, so the spin action was serious. They each took turns coming up with the best tricks or to see who could do one the longest.

Boredom Buster to the Tenth Power

When the kids are bored, they usually gripe about playing a video game or getting on a tablet. Since they’ve gotten them, they’ve only asked about electronics a few times. I was shocked!!!!

Fidget Spinners = Cool Tricks

Our kids came up with over 10 new tricks in a day. From balancing on their foreheads to their shoes, I’m in complete amazement of what they continue to come up with. They even have this trick where they pass the spinners back and forth to each other. They are only little kids so I’m still trying to figure out how they thought of all of this!

You Will Play with Your Child’s Fidget Spinner When They are not Looking

It’s a fact! No you’re not weird or crazy, you’re just intrigued. Why in the world would someone come up with a useless toy that I don’t understand you thought, until you give it your first spin. 🙂

Wanna get your hands on one of these things? For about $5 you can buy them here. They can also be found at places like 7-11 and gas stations.

Do your kids have fidget spinners? Tell me what you think!

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