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Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Review

 Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Review

It’s been a year since we’ve seen the monster trucks in action! This time we held back on telling the kids until it was almost time to go. However, once they heard the news, the excitement was uncontrollable.

Stepping into the arena, the crowd went wild! It was like they’d been waiting on this moment all day. We sat in the middle of all the action where we were able to see every spin-out, turn and trick. I have to admit, I had my thoughts about who I believed would take home the title but I was wrong.

Let me tell you, Megalodon killed it, dominating in just about every competition. BUT, Wonder Woman and El Toro Loco came to win although they fell short. Our son would have to say that he enjoyed the donut challenge the best. Whereas I’m mostly excited to see the freestyle competition because you just never know what’s going to happen.

This time we went all in when it came to voting. MonsterJam uses online voting for each competition. My son literally grabbed my phone after each run, super pressed to give each team a score that he, and only he, thought they deserved. ? I enjoyed the online voting too because it made our experience much more entertaining!

All in all most of the teams represented well and we look forward to attending the next show!

Monster Jam is traveling the county and bound to be in a city near you! Check here for upcoming dates and showtimes.Monster_Jam_Review_DC 2