When the Magic Hits You - Disney on Ice Presents Celebrate Memories Review

When the Magic Hits You – Disney on Ice Presents Celebrate Memories Review

 A Disney on Ice Review from First Timers

Written By L. Stokes

We are a family of four, daughter 8 and son 16, and love all things Disney! This weekend was our first time experiencing Disney On Ice and let me tell you it did not disappoint. It was a great show, featuring incredible skating, breathtaking special effects and lighting- from it snowing inside to fire on ice.

We absolutely loved the music selection from our favorite Disney movies which had us singing along and dancing in our seats. Even hubby and my teenage son was caught singing along too.

The entire show was filled with wonderful, inspiring messages, from most of the Disney princesses hitting the ice together singing one of our favorite songs “Dream Big, Princess- Live your Story” to Dori showing that although she is forgetful, she never gave up! I can’t forget to mention the Toy Story crew, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald and the Princes that were in the mix throughout the show for the little princes in your life. Just to name a few.

The entire show was magical! We really enjoyed seeing Elsa gracefully skating with her beautiful sparkling dress and singing hit songs from the movie “Frozen”. Watching Ariel and Rapunzel being raised in the air and beautifully spinning while singing was absolutely amazing. But our favorite and most memorable moment was when Moana hit the ice sailing the sea with Maui to return the stone to Te Fiti.

All in all, the show was really wonderful. A true treat for family members of all ages.

Thank you to Feld Entertainment for hosting this event!